Friday, January 9, 2009

Bonehead Rookie Move:

For the last few days, I've been working on the commissioned knit item previously mentioned, but then I hit a decision point, so I set it aside tonight, to continue on some "ME" socks that jumped on the needles a few days ago.

The last "for me" socks I worked on were some Plain Vanillas in a horrific color palette. Just eye-bleeding UG. LY. I talked about them here and showed the unfortunate color combo here.

Seriously. They were so butt-ugly it made me question my ability to comprehend color combos on the skein.

This current UFO of Plain Vanillas is from a different multi-colored skein and Holy Cow they couldn't be more different in acceptability!

Here's the skein balled up:

As I keep knitting on it, it reveals the most beautiful fall colors you've ever seen. Greens, yellows, reds, burgundys, and all color combinations in between. Just breathtaking, if I say so myself.

It's the only reason I have for my utter bonehead move tonight. After doing the heel flap, I completely omitted the heel TURN and instead went straight to the gusset decreases.


Luckily, I caught myself as I was situating the stitches evenly around the needles after the pick-up part.

Some days I worry that the Knitting Police are going to pull me over and impound my needles, once they run my fiber abuse history, LOL!


Kath said...

You know what they say - one person's idea of butt ugly is another person's bee-yoo-tee-full! This from someone who likes purple and green together ad owns an orange, burgundy & fuschia sweater that makes people's eyes hurt.

CJ said...

Oh, Lord! I've done that same thing at least twice. I'm not sure why either, because I LOVE to turn the heel. I guess when you're in the groove you forget those little details....LOVE that Bearfoot colorway. That is one of my favorite sock yarns.

Lupie said...

So the Knitting Police should have spent so much time on me they would have no time for anyone else!
There isn't a screwup you can bring up that I haven't done more than once.
I have no idea why you think the other socks are bad. I think the coler is very pretty.

Suzanne said...

Funny thing, I just did the same thing yesterday. It certainly was a DUH moment. After how many pairs I have knit - to just totally forget the heel?

Love the color.