Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick, Rub My Belly:

A big huge Thank You to two different bloggers.

Yesterday, I got an email letting me know I'd been randomly chosen to receive this book, via Shepard Susie's awesomely awesome blog/business.

I originally learned about raised bed gardening from Laurie, aka Crazy Aunt Purl and was, quite frankly, intrigued. At the time though, our back yard was the domain of our two dogs and really, just a large plot of dust.

Since our move to a much nicer back yard, and the loss of one of our dogs, I've been giving the idea some serious thought. We have blackberry bushes in one corner, and a tiered section already had the set-up to grow tomato plants (my all-time favorite food EVER!)

Then someone told me all about some bug that is inherent to tomato plants and right there I lost all desire to grow my own. I hate bugs. Like really really REALLY hate. Spiders don't bug me, but anything else just creeps me the hell out. One time (back when I was single) I spent a month sleeping on my living room couch because Moth-ra had taken up residence in my bedroom. I'd take on a masked intruder trying to steal my yarn before I will come within 10 feet of a creepy-crawly.

Then I went and won this book and so have resolved to deal with my bug-phobia.

That was yesterday.

This afternoon, I received an email from Wendy - another favorite blogger/designer. The woman knits like a soul possessed! Her F.O.s not only fly off her needles, she makes some stunning things - her own and others. How she knits so much while maintaining a job is beyond me, but definitely inspiring.

She just held a contest giving away a kit for the most interesting mittens and it was Love at first sight.

Like so much Love I might have entertained eating a bug to win it! Well . . . a small bug :grin:

I won the kit and no eating of bugs!

All this luck hitting me at once has gotten me contemplating whether I need to go buy a lottery ticket, lol.

Trust that I'm not a prize pig, entering contests every time I run across one. I read blog entries for the pure enjoyment of what they have to say/share and rarely leave comments. These two items were things I knew I would enjoy but just cannot afford to have at this time.

Now I'll go back to my relative obscurity - knitting my first pair of mittens while reading a book about gardening and community.

Maybe some of this new-found luck will rub off on you!

Thank you again to Susie and Wendy! Please check out their blogs/products if you aren't familiar with them (And if that's you? Get out from under that rock you've apparently been hanging out at!)


Kath said...

I saw your name as the winner on Wendy's blog and just about plotzed! ("Hey! I know her! How cool!")

I am such a geek.

KnittingBlueContent said...


You? I got verklempt when I saw an email from her!

That prize is all sorts of Awesome and I will do my darned-ness to do right by it.

We're Geek Sisters together, LOL.