Monday, January 5, 2009

Flattering, No?:

Back in the dark ages, when I joined ravelry, (if you can call June 2007 the dark ages, LOL), the only way you could upload your stash and project pictures was by first putting them on flickr.

I bet ravelry has been the single largest reason for membership over at flickr!

So anywho, although ravelry has changed and you don't HAVE to use flickr for stash/project purposes, many of us still do. In fact, I have a premium membership because of all that I enjoy from being a part of such an awesome photography site.

One of the cool things at flickr is finding other photographers in your area (much like how ravelry is awesome in helping you find other knitters in your area).

Here's the really neat thing that just happened! A local-to-me flickr member has been watching my parade of knitting pictures lately, and asked me if I would have interest in knitting her something for her daughter's birthday. FOR MONEY.

How awesome is that?

I know, I know, I know - commissioned knitting has its pit-falls. Most people don't comprehend the monetary value of a hand-knit. Even more people don't understand the fine distinctions between various fibers. Acrylic, to their eye and finger, is on par with any natural fiber and they don't *get* how knitting with some yarns can make a person die a little on the inside.


This person has let me guide them in yarn choices and didn't have any problem with my stated price for services rendered. How great is that? The icing on the cake is that it's an item I enjoy knitting. Not something like, say, a king-sized afghan in garter stitch.

My price was fair (given the item and the supply cost), it's something I enjoy making, and the recipient is extremely appreciative of my skill and is very excited about getting it.

A commissioned knit-piece made of Win. I love it!


Kath said...

That is very cool. Hope you'll show pics & details of the finished object!

Anonymous said...

Dude!! You go!! I hope it works out for you....there's nothing like getting paid for doing something you like. What is the project??