Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aww, Thanks Guys!

Well, I think it went VERY well tonight, given that I interviewed for a freak'n hour and a half!

It's a husband and wife accounting firm - she's the tax side and he's the payroll side. They both interviewed me. He tested me on Word (pahleeze)and Excel, but no Quickbooks (which I know inside and out and it's how they do payroll) and she tested me on Lacerte (the program I know inside and out to process income tax returns).

My one failing in Excel was not knowing how to convert segments of time into a decimal base, but now I do :grin:

My one failing in Lacerte was not knowing what the '08 figure is for the maximum IRA contribution allowed. Other than that, I had to do a tax return for Married Filing Joint, 2 kids, one in college, an elderly parent dependent, husband with w-2 income, wife with own business, sold stock, had itemized deductions, depreciation and dividend income. I think I did okay, but couldn't print & proof my work, like I would do in real life.

I had boned up on the new payroll tax rates for '09 and the mileage rates for '08 but those weren't asked, LOL.

Fingers crossed, my friends. Times are tough all over and I'm not the only well-qualified fish in the unemployment pond anymore!

(Oh, and now my neck hurts from keeping my hair out of my face, since I'm so used to wearing it up, but . . . STILL LOVE IT!!!)


Kath said...

Good! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (Figuratively anyway - hard to knit with crossed fingers!)

Being tested on Word does make me laugh. To put it in perspective - I'm going to do a little volunteer work to try and edge my way into a paying job. With a work history that includes years of corporate secretary/exec. assistant type jobs - today someone asked me if I knew how to do a mail merge & make labels. Mwah hah hah!

dianashf said...

Rattlin' the beads and burning the candles for ya', Kid. I really like the new "do". Lotsa' love....Diana

Ellen Bloom said...

Sounds like you passed the interview with flying colors! I'll hope for the best!

LOVE the shorter hair! You might even want to cut it SHORTER! I think chin-length would look faboo on you!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, sounds like an intense interview! Sounds like you did great and that you know your stuff. (Sending good job karma your way!!)

Suzanne said...

Keeping you in mind and sending good thoughts your way.