Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lovelovelovelove LOVE it!

Nooo - not anything knitting related this time, sorry!

I made a 2008 resolution to get my hair cut and then did nothing to achieve that goal. Hell, I made many a resolution at the start of last year and hardly any were accomplished, It was (and continues to be) a rough period, but that's a post for another day.

This year I made ZERO resolutions and finally finally finally got my hair lopped off about an hour ago.

Roughly 14 inches in total, ifn'youcanbelieveit! Ayup. I had that much to spare.

This afternoon's Befores:

December 30, 2007 (YES! 2007!):

And Afters:

See that body and "style" in the after? That's air dried only. Zippy styling! No blowdryer or product at all. My hair has a natural wave to it that gets bogged down with 14 extra inches :grin:

I have a job interview this evening (wish me luck, ifyouplease) and being a girl, I know there's few things better than a fresh hairdo to give a shot to the 'ole self-esteem.



CJ said...

NICE!! I love your new do....I can't believe that's air hair frizzes like nobodies business at the coast, I'm jealous!!

GOOD LUCK!! with the upcoming job interview. I wish you a wonderful job with internet access that pays LOTS and affords you some knitting/picture taking time.

Danni said...

Looks good, new fresh look. Good luck on the interview!

Alana said...

Looks great April!

Im sure you will do wonderful on your interview! :)

Kath said...

Wow - looks great! And I think you are very brave! At this point my long hair is sort of like my security blanket - dunno when I'd ever be ready to give it up.

Good luck on the job interview!