Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here's The Part Where I Babble:

To steal a quote from Meghan's podcast, I'm just throwing some things here I don't want to forget about.

Given that tomorrow is The Big Day at our house - anticipated more than Christmas and Birthdays combined, and The Mike has invited about 10 of his nearest and dearest drinking buddies over to watch the game, I'ma be a bit busy once I wake up in the morning!

In no particular order, here's what I wanted to share:

Kath mentioned it first, but it bears repeating any chance we get! Set your televisions for this year's Puppy Bowl. You will die from all The Cute. I've watched it a few years now, and my hands-down favorite is the "water bowl cam". Yep. They have a camera under see-through water bowls. If you love dogs, this is the show for you tomorrow. Just don't blame me if it makes you want to run out and adopt a bunch of adorable puppies on Monday!

I've knit things, oh yes I have!:

The socks I prematurely set up for gusset decreases have been off the needles for several days now. Why no pictures? No good reason, frankly, but I'll fix that soon. How is it that they are too small when I freak'n tried them on as I knit them? The heel flap is not as long as I would have liked, and the foot part is too short, so they end up riding down my foot and I walk on the heel. Grrr. Yes, I know I could absolutely rip back and re-knit them, since I have plenty 'o yarn left over, but . . . well . . . I really want to use the leftover yarn to do some colorwork knitting with! There. I said it out loud :grin: I think this yarn would make an awesome "stained glass" looking knit if used in a stranded method.

I went totally out of my knitting comfort zone and 1) knit entirely from a pattern (except for adding a button hole, but that's it, I SWEAR!), 2) I seamed and 3) knit it for the granddaughter of an extremely accomplished knitter. EEK! It's like giving your stick figure drawing to Michelangelo's son.

(more pictures here and project info here)

Because tomorrow is going to be so busy, I'm frantically looking for a (relatively) easy project to throw on the needles while I watch the game. My current socks are on size 1s. Too dang small. I have zippy interest in knitting some garter stitch boring bland gag-me-with-a-dpn scarf. I'm midway through one fingerless mitt, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for. There are increases and counting. I'm thinking "hat on 7's or 9s". Once I make the guacamole in the morning, I'ma get the necessary items together to get the hat started.

Don't you all consider it The Mike's job to clean the house in the morning? It was HIS idea to invite all these people over AND they are all HIS friends . . . so . . .? Yeah, me too.

I'm *thisclose* to casting on for the Hey Teach! sweater. I have four skeins of this yarn in this colorway. Is it wrong that I think about knitting this in the round and deleting the sleeves, creating more of a tank-like item? Tell me the truth, people.

The only reason I didn't start swatching for it yesterday was because of all the Wasting Of Time I had invested in our current knitting-world mystery.

Speaking of that? HELLO to the four HUNDRED visits to my site in the last 30 hours!!! When I blogged it yesterday my view count was at the low 800s. If I'd known so many people were going to stop by my virtual home, I would have put out the good China and offered refreshments, LOL.

Here's another number for ya: 105

What it doesn't represent? My I.Q. (I think, but I'm not sure. Let's say it's not) My temperature. (again, not 100% sure since I don't own a thermometer, but I'm taking an educated guess). My weight. (the last time I was that weight, I didn't even know what "weight" was) The number of yarn balls/skeins/cakes in my knitting room. (hahahahaaaaaa! Not even close)

Want a hint? It has to do with this post. (In the spirit of full disclosure, Suzanne already knows the answer.)

If you guessed "number of total applicants for the job you recently interviewed for"? Winner!

One hundred and five. That is a huge number, people. I do not think I've ever interviewed for a job that had more than 30 people applying.

Even if I'm on the short list of "qualified" or maybe even "over-qualified" for the original payroll position, there has to be a goodly number in my same boat.

If you'd like me to eventually, one day, be able to afford yarn outside of Michael's and Joann's, please keep your fingers crossed that my 20 years of accounting office experience and expertise tips the scales in my favor.

No matter who they pick though, there will be 103 or 104 other people still looking for a job in this field. It's a terrible time all over.


Knits with Penguins said...

PUPPY BOWL!!!! ::::Squeal::::: That is going on my television, promptly, at noon. I thought that My Beloved Calmari and I were the only ones that actually watched this! :) Shoulda known that you would!

Lupie said...

You are breave to give something to a master knittera family. We have a master knitter in our knitting/crochet group and I would never give her anything. Anyone would love to have that sweater. It is just beautiful! So give on!!!!