Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some WIP Pics:


This is the sock I'm doing in Lisa Souza's "Painted Desert" colorway:

The ball of yarn:

In one day, I cast on and finished one of the felted clogs from Fiber Trends. These are for Mike, and he's got size 13s. When I was researching other people's experiences with the pattern, I came across someone (sorry I didn't bookmark it) that wrote (knitting them up in size 15s) they looked, pre-felted like a sleeping bag for a toddler and I'm inclined to agree with her. They're ginormous!

One thing I didn't either read properly or intuitively know is that when you knit the sole, you're actually knitting it long-ways, and when done you fold it in half. After I was on my 91st stitch I could not understand how this narrow and long thing was supposed to fit my husband's fat-ass foot! I get it now, LOL.

You can see all the pictures here on flickr, and here's the set from Chick Flick night.

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