Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Knitting Fear-Less:

There had to have been a tangible moment between just being scared of knitting as a newbie, knitting thinking I *got it* and finally being back to scared of knitting because I realized I don't *got it*.

This is that moment:

Ohhh, to have been so naive when I sewed up my last backing edge. I long for those blissfully unaware days again, LOL.

It is a beauty and I am very proud of it. Hell, it's my avatar on ravelry! The one thing I put out there to represent me as a first impression.

I just wish I didn't (knitting) know now what I didn't (knitting) know then. I'd do the whole thing over better, but probably STILL doubt myself. It's a knitter thing, don'tcha think?


Suzanne said...

That's the trouble with fine tuning your skills, all previous work develops suddenly blatant errors that stand out like neon lights (to our eyes only).

The same is true for me, the more I learn that improves my current or future knitting, the more I see wrong with my past projects.

It gives me incentive to learn yet more.

Suzanne said...

By the way, that scarf is beautiful, no matter how much you have learned since making it.