Sunday, June 7, 2009

About Those Kids I'm NOT Having:

Was that a long enough "hang time" since the last post? :giggle:

Y'all have commented in multiple ways (personally and online) and my blog comments sum them all up nicely.

No, I haven't bumped my head, come up with a baby-bump or bumped on over to "Pregnant Women Are Smug-ville* (I'll leave that to others I'm oddly related to).

When I wrote of "All the cuteness there is out there", it was THE KNITTING stuff, Chickens!

Mike's niece, Ms. Ella-Gator is turning 4 in July, thus I've been knitting up several beach-themed stuffed animal/toy/things in anticipation.

You've all seen the parade of knitted fish, starfish, sun, mer-woman, the errant penguin (wrong ocean :blush:) and that octopus march across my ravelry project page. What you haven't seen, I'm guessing, is the gi-freak'n-normous amount of super a-dang-dorable knitted animal/toy items that are out there, floating through the intronets ether.

The web is just chock-full of knitted cuteness, lemmetellya.

Remember though, when I said I "wanted kids", I had a set limit. I wrote "Maybe around 3. I think I could handle three."

Again - that represents knitting. Three to knit for, LOL.

I already have the aforementioned Ms. Ella-Gator and the second slot has been taken by Suzanne's granddaughter, Ms. Ireland.

Who shall be the third? My hope is that the last one is a boy, to give me knitting variety! :grin:

You all do the difficult and thankless work of having and raising them. Me - I'll be over here in quiet and calm child-freedom, knitting cute things for you to wash puke out of.

* that video/song makes me belly-laugh every time I open it.


Kath said...

Well this is quite a relief. You had me a wee bit concerned, ya know? ;)

Anonymous said...

That youtube video made me pee a little!!! Too funny!!!!